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La Wangster's Journal
20 most recent entries

Date:2007-03-27 15:04
Subject:relay for life

please help support the american cancer society's relay for life by donating to this great cause!


that's my personal page. i'll be up all day/night saturday doing this. yay. thanks!!

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Date:2007-03-04 21:17
Mood: mellow

is very therapeutic. i went to the barneys warehouse sale yesterday and got 3 dresses for $135 total, including one by MARC JACOBS. good stuff. i also went to the luca luca sample sale, but that was way out of my budget. it was funny though; instead of labeling their leather jackets "100% genuine leather" they label them "100% cow." uhh, yeah.

anyway, then i did a lion dance performance for an alumni dinner, where zvi (our SEAS dean, who's leaving to be president of u. of tel aviv pshh) fed our lions lettuce! yay.

now im cramming for a quiz and midterm. hmm. not fun. what's bad about having an easy courseload is that i never feel the need to study, until right before a test. =/ grr. i need to pad my gpa before next year ahhh!

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Date:2007-02-27 17:58
Mood: busy

will anyone be in LA or SoCal (and have time for a visit) from the 9th-14th???

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Date:2007-02-20 01:12
Mood: busy

you know that part of the semester when everything just seems to be going wrong? today would be the start of that phase. poo.
i bombed my chem midterm and quiz, calc midterm, and first paper. this week im going to fail a physics midterm. electricity still makes no sense to me.

in spite of all that, i cant really say im all that concerned. like, it bothers me that i didnt do well on chem or calc bc i knew the material really well but shut down during the exams, but im not flipping out like i used to.

is that good or bad? it's definitely healthier. i think that i feel these grades are somewhat justified bc i go out all weekend, every weekend. which is tons better than staying in to study (or rather, planning to study but all the while wishing i were out). which was last semester.

if anyone is going to be in nyc this weekend, you should definitely check out our Lunar Gala, since our LION DANCE performance is going to be SWEET. and theres an afterparty at webster hall.

i didnt know that potential was the potential energy per unit charge. wow- epiphany!

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Date:2007-02-18 02:42
Mood: anxious

hi everyone. im back!

happy lunar new year!

i just got back from "clubbing." instead of actually clubbing my friends and i walked around for 2 hours trying to get into 3 clubs. 2 were 21+ for tonight (we were expecting 18+) and the 3rd didnt exist (at least not where it was supposed to). HOW SAD!!!!! =/ moral of the story: always bring a fake, even when you dont think you need it.

so yeah, my latest dilemma (you cant escape my rants haha): 2 of my rising-senior friends from lion dance want to pull me into their townhouse. which is like, the best housing available. and for sophomores, this is completely unheard of. sophomores get the worst housing. like, 90% get doubles in shitholes. the townhouse has four 140-sq-ft singles with a kitchen and living room. BUT, i already applied in december to this other place (pretty much the only place with singles), and the application is freaking binding. i find out this friday whether or not i got in. if i did, im gonna miss my only chance to get into good housing. PLEASE PRAY THAT I GOT REJECTED!!!

love y'all,
jen 2.0

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Date:2006-12-12 13:14
Mood: tired

if anyone knows how i could score $8K by january 25, i would very much appreciate your help. :)

reading week has commenced. nonstop studying, quiet hours, and depression. w00t.

just 8 days and 3 finals left!

i think im gonna take a nap. food coma. blah.

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Date:2006-12-05 19:27
Subject:it's one of those days...
Mood: grumpy

i just want to crawl into a hole and die.
i can't do this anymore.
college is supposed to be fun.
it's NOT supposed to make me realize im a failure.
it shouldnt be a vicious cycle of working/studying -> failing -> pseudo-relaxing-for-a-day.
maybe i just havent found my niche. i desperately need to.
im grateful that ive become much more apathetic towards my grades though. after conservatively estimating my gpa, im not too disappointed. but im mad about chem. i shouldve rocked that class.
i technically couldve rescheduled my math final to a later day since according to the official exam schedule i have 3 finals on one day, but i didnt bc i wanted to go home early. hopefully that was a smart decision.
i need to be more optimistic. i have a huge 'murphy's law' poster in my room. i should take that down.
my framed jeremiah 29:11 offers a very nice contrast.

i was 10 min late to my gateway final presentation. my group was actually first again, so i delayed them. fuck.
i have my chem lab written final this thursday. if i dont do much better than average, ill get a B+. damn. im only a couple points above the cutoff btwn B+ and A-. i wonder how i did on the practical exam. that may make a huge difference. this class was tough. not hard, but tough. ick.

ok no more procrastination.

good luck to ppl with finals (ie alick and other quarter-system kids) comin up.

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Date:2006-12-04 23:56
Subject:white christmas
Mood: contemplative

im sad that it hasnt snowed yet. it was supposed to early this morning and some ppl claim they saw it, but i dont believe them.

it's 33 degrees outside. 26 if you include windchill. brrrrrr. i love the cold weather though.

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Date:2006-11-14 03:32
Mood: hot

i cant believe im updating again today. but i felt i should. i need a break from kinetic energy and work, even though im way behind in studying. i had a migraine a few hours back so i took a 2 hr nap which set me further back.

half my floor (all the engineering kids) is up doing work or studying. hehehe. i find that comforting in a weird way. i still have 5 chapters of problems to look thru, which shouldnt take long, but knowing me...

i think ive given up hope in getting a good grade in physics. i think im just gonna focus on my other classes and raise those A-'s to A's to balance my likely B in physics. i like this philosophy. it reduces my stress tenfold.

it's freezing outside and yet my room is hot, so i have my fan on full blast. i guess i wont have to worry about my winter nights.

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Date:2006-11-13 22:52
Subject:planning out my future
Mood: about the house episode

so im registering for next semester's classes this thursday. ive decided to try out a poli sci minor and hold off on my premed curriculum. if i decide my senior year that i want to be a doctor, i can still fit in the 2 additional classes i'd have to take.

my schedule will be something like this:

physics (e&m)
poli sci (comparative)
calc 4
gen chem
comp sci (matlab)
uni writing
pe (something different, like judo or whatever since ill play intramural bball in addition)

these are all pretty much gonna take up all my mornings (mon-thurs) but leave my afternoons open for hw/studying. this semester's classes/workstudy took up too much of my afternoons. uwriting and comp sci are going to take lots of time.

I'm so excited. My grades have improved lots. I hate that A-'s are so much worse than A's though. I'm used to the old system of an 89.5 being the same as a 100. anyway, my only terrible grade is in physics (only in HGM terms). im not looking to graduate summa cum laude or anything; i just want reasonably good grades. maybe cum laude? hehehe.

i have a physics midterm to study for. ick. bye!

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Date:2006-11-09 18:22
Mood: busy

oh man... my last midterms and finals are going to kill me. im terrified of math and physics. i never thought i'd have trouble with multivariable stuff, but i guess i suck at math too. i think studying for physics may be a lost cause. im disappointed with my last chem quiz too bc i thought i did well, but i only got a 75%. bummer. hopefully the rest of the class failed. i know, im mean. i just need half the class to have failed it. hehe. anyway, i know i failed the second math midterm, so i have to study ALOT for the final. my bme class is...whatever. i dont know how that class counts as a college course. my chem lab grade isnt as terrible as i thought it was, although the last quiz i took probably brought down my average. anyway, im still so happy that i didnt have that class today! a full 5 hours to do whatever i want with! so far, ive taken a nap, finished physics hw, and worked on other stuff. yay!

i saw LARA AND RYAN TAKASUGI yesterday at the switchfoot concert at irving plaza. how cool is that?!!! like, whoa. that concert rocked. i love switchfoot.

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Date:2006-11-08 06:01
Subject:yay back from la

so this weekend was uber great/relaxing. i spent two full days shopping, used tons of money, but had lots of fun with my brother, aunt, and mom. i also slept like half the time i was there. it was so chillax! i also voted! heheheh. i just turned in my absentee ballot and got a sticker! yay.

now im back and ready to actually work hard. up to now, ive been slacking. but no more!

anyway, jetlag really sucks. i watched edward scissorhands on my laptop and the battery almost gave out. then i watched my super ex-girlfriend on the plane's tv. i was supposed to do hw on the plane. whatever. hehe.

i can't sleep! ahhhhhhh. if only this phenomenon occured in CLASS! tehehe.

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Date:2006-10-27 20:10
Mood: happy

ok so clifford thinks i need happy posts. so here goes:

im going home in a week!! im so excited. we need to hang out if you're in the LA area. i think im gonna visit NH friday.

let's see...happy thoughts...
i skipped my kayaking class to go to IV last night, which was definitely the right choice. it was a good release from my hectic schedule.
i stayed up til 7 am and slept til like 5 pm. mmmm sleep.
i might go to the formal my dorm is hosting tonight. yay!
my bf is awesome.

that's all i can come up with. i think it's pretty good, dont you?

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Date:2006-10-23 20:02
Mood: busy

asdlkfjhasdlkjfh i failed my engineering in medicine midterm as well. it was a bs open notes and book test to begin with, but i really fucked up. as in, this is what i wrote as the complementary mRNA strand for the DNA strand ATT GAA TCC CGA---- UAA CTT AGG GCU


so, my current grades are:
GChem: A
GChem Lab: B+/A-
Calc 3:A/A-
Physics: B/B-
PE: Pass

i have my gateway midterm presentation tmw. 1) i dont know what to wear bc i got my suit dirty the last time i wore it (the only day it blizzarded), 2) i dont know what to say bc our project is stupid and the slides are mediocre, 3) i cant speak english anymore since i DONT HAVE A SINGLE HUMANITIES CLASS THIS SEMESTER, and 4) i dont think i give a crap anymore. college is getting ridiculous. im in the city and i have to FORCE MYSELF to leave campus and when i do i just worry about homework.

the next wave of midterms starts next week. the last of my first midterms is tmw. how stupid is that? im in a perpetual state of frenzy mixed with nonchalance. ick.

i havent gone to bed before 6 am in more than a week. i need to stop skipping classes. heheheheheh. seems like senioritis never wore off :)

i blame jeffrey andrew rodriguez. for my lack of sleep AND my multiple bruises.

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Date:2006-10-16 19:24
Mood: angry

fuck. i cant believe im struggling with my classes. this is so depressing. i feel really stupid in all of them, even though theyre all intro level. i'd quit work-study instead so i can concentrate more on school, but i need the money. therefore, i may just drop my engineering in medicine class. i dont know if im allowed to though, since i need to take a pre-professional course.

i cant believe i got a 83/100 on my calc midterm. @#$%^&! fucking piece of shit. for some reason, i just cannot grasp the concept of 3D lines/planes/points intersection/equation things. stupid parametric crap. and now im struggling with elliptic paraboloid etc stuff. i feel like i have to physically construct 2D ellipses and parabolas and join them in 3D to visualize the stupid graphs. arg!

all of my profs' office hours and recitations conflict with other classes or work. i cant get any help with anything!

off to gateway lab to finish my friggin matlab assignment. let's see, it's taken 6 hours to do it already. and there's 80 pages of reading, and the group design journal. i hate this class.

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Date:2006-10-05 01:10
Subject:help me
Mood: aggravated

arg im dying. i think i did terribly on my math midterm, but i dont know. i solved all the problems at least.

now im gonna definitely fail the physics midterm monday bc i havent been getting all the hw problems, and that's WITH THE BOOK. grrrr. im better at it now than i was in 10th grade, but still. this is bad. ive never derived/ integrated so many meaningless terms in my life. how do you do partial derivatives?!! or ones with linear density? im so confused. im turning in my hw tmw with like 2/10 problems half solved. and those are just on force and motion, which SEEM easy. i hate problems involving tension of ropes over frictionless pulleys. or with centripetal force. i really suck at physics. i would do ANYTHING to be good at it.

ewww chem lab tmw. that class involves way too much work for just 3 credits. i just learned a whole chapter on electrochemistry in the last hour. ive never really studied this. grrrr. and i fucked up the last experiment, so i really have to prepare for tmw's. damnit. im gonna fail the quiz; i dont care. i think everyone fails it.

so it turns out my terrible chem score was actually a standard deviation above the mean, so it's actually like an A-/B+. haha. im still upset. im supposed to be good at chem. it's okay. ill make up for it.

okay, let's see.. how many hours of sleep will i get tonight? =/

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Date:2006-10-03 03:02
Mood: tired

hmmmm....i just realized i bombed my first chem test. which is depressing bc the test was really easy. i should try eating before an exam next time. or sleeping more than 3 hours. hopefully the other 200 ppl in my class also bombed it. gar, now i have to actually study for chem to pull my grade up. the whole point of taking this class was to not have to study for chem. it's like an intro class!
it's ok...i can comfort myself in knowing i have 100% in some of my other classes. yay.
math midterm in 1 day. whoopeeeeee.

lines and planes in 3D can kiss my ass. i dont care anymore. ive wasted hours trying to learn about them. they dont make any sense; at least not with this book.

i went to the huge macys today. it was fun, kinda. i had to go by myself (scary!) and i had a strict time limit. hehe. shopping with time constraints sucks. but still, i got what i needed. and i also bought jordans at footaction. it was their last pair, bc theyre a really old style. whooopeeee now i can really play ball.

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Date:2006-09-30 23:04
Mood: busy

SOMEONE FREAKIN PULLED THE FIRE ALARM!!!!! walking down 15 flights of stairs with an injured foot is NO FUN. ugh, then staying outside in the freezing cold with shorts on for half an hour...was dreadful. columbia accepts lots of freakin RETARDS.

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Date:2006-09-30 21:00
Mood: sore

wow. this weekend was extreme.
friday night i left with ivcf to go to the south bronx, the worst city in the country, for a freshmen retreat. we stayed in a house owned by this really awesome couple who housed like up to 20 people at any given time to support the NYCUP (nyc urban project) where kids explore the devastation that is the south bronx. friday night we watched 'invisible children,' this documentary about the child abductions/murders/militarization in uganda. it's really intense. then i stayed up talking with one of my good friends, who also came, until like 5. this morning/afternoon we took a 4 hour tour of the community, and talked to some interesting people. this one drunk/delusional homeless guy was actually kind of intimidating. he kept insisting he was putting up a front, that he actually had 75000 bucks from his mother's will, that he was a player/pimp (this he kept emphasizing) who had a lawyer daughter he detests, etc. it was depressing yet scary, bc he kept looking at this one girl in my trio very sketchily. the guy in my trio (he's an awesome speaker) was like ready to beat him down. haha. then we watched a sort of worship service at this one place. it was okay, for the bronx. my ankles got very sore standing there for 2 hours.
right after we got back, 6 of us played some ball. im stupid and played in my only athletic shoes- my running shoes. of course, i couldnt run around the court in those. i got cramps really early on, and had to sit out for the 5th game. my team won all 4 i played in! hehehe. whatever, i sucked. i made maybe 8 or so jumpers. and ONE LAYUP WHOAAAA! all the other drives failed miserably. hehehe. we wont talk about those. ugh i screwed up my left foot. whoa, this one guy, a former football player, was craaazy. he was a beast! his hangtime was amazing. and his speed and power astonished everyone so much we sometimes just like stopped to watch him move. haha.

and the retreat is also why i missed the homecoming game against princeton, which we LOST. how sad. but i really wanted to paint my face or something. hehe. i still have 3 years to do that. the retreat was worth it.

so now i have tons of hw to do and midterms to study for. hurray. bye

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Date:2006-09-29 00:15
Mood: accomplished

ok. so my last entry makes no sense. in fact, im retarded. thanks to everyone who talked some sense into me. BUT, i ran into yao last night and he's doing EXACTLY what im thinking of: BME + econ minor. i dont know. we'll see. if this semester doesnt kill me, im gonna take principles of econ next semester. i need to for my major anyway. and gulati's some famous econ prof or something. probably better than mccollaum.

ugh today was the longest day ever. chem test in the morning (hopefully i did ok), chem lab for 6 hours (my partner and i completely failed the experiment hahaha we had to copy data from the TA; she's really nice) and kayaking for 3 hours (we had to do a "wet exit" which was bad bc i dont even have a bathing suit and it's not exactly swimming season, and i was wearing a white tee hahahahaha). i hate swimming (i suck at it), but that class is awesome.

tmw im going on a retreat with IV christian fellowship. yay for the bronx hehe. ill be back saturday afternoon. i cant wait.
anyway, gonna go hang out now.
bye y'all.

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